Paying obligations is very crucial

Paying obligations is very crucial

Taxation is one of the oldest forms of collecting money from populace, this way a government is able to perform its function to provide services for the public through the money collected from taxation. Nowadays taxation still plays an important part to almost all government in the world especially in the US. Many of course […]

Avoid Job Stress

Let us face it no matter how we are satisfied with our jobs; there are times that we experience negative stress (job stress). It is one major factor why many employees are prone to sickness and there are underlying causes to stress. Based on my experience job stress can be brought about by either positive […]

Save the Earth as you travel

Book Green options. If you’re flying, choose direct flights; thy release an estimated 30 percent fewer emissions than ones with layovers (every takeoff, landing, and taxing uses additional fuel). If you’re driving, you can rent hybrids from Hertz, Avis, and budget at some locations, and Enterprise is offering flex-fuel vehicles that run on ethanol. Shoot […]

Recycle your old cell phone

Since the advent of mobile phones more and more people use it. Once it becomes obsolete we tend to keep it or either throws it improperly. Learning how to recycle your old cell phones, accessories, batteries and other mobile device objects can help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Before recycling your devices make […]

Clean your PC

There was one time when I experienced slow PC. When I turn on my PC it takes almost 15 minutes before I can access all the programs in it. So I really have to be patient with it. There was even a time when I can finish a cup of coffee before my computer completely […]

Chinese Sony MP5 Player

I couldn’t resist taking a review of Chinese product in the market. There are so many products branded as Mp5 with digital cameras on it. They are so cheap that we consumer would just grab it because we may think they are just the same with famous brands. Well here is the real score for […]