A classical music instrument that has a potential for a comeback

A classical music instrument that has a potential for a comebackI remember when I was young I was very eager to learn music in fact I persuaded my parents that I should six strings at the age of seven because I am really fascinated with guitars. Since then my passion to music continued that eventually became a part of a band when I was in college. After completing my college though, I thought of pursuing a career path far from the music industry, I am now working in the bank and everything is different. In fact, my office mates wouldn’t think that I was once part of a band until they would hear me sing and play instruments on company events. Well since music is part of my life I can also feel that my children would like to play instrument, just like my daughter who at a very young age of six wanted to get a flute. I am not that familiar with flutes so I checked online and found sonare flute at guitar center. These instruments are not familiar in the younger days, but this is a classical instrument which really has the potential for a comeback. If my kid would love to play an instrument, then I would definitely give her.